What is the last resort self defense?


My name is Wendy and I have been interested in self defense since I thwarted a rape attempt on a date when I was 18. Lately I decided I should step up and educate young women in fighting against male predators. I believe many  horrible crimes could be prevented if girls have the proper training from an early age. This blog will provide all the essential information abut the last resort self defense techniques which are merely covered by normal self defense classes or books. So this blog wont be about judo throws or yelling fire, but about techniques which any girl or women can use as a last resort during an already advanced serious sexual attack.

 I was lucky that I met this great teacher called Linda who introduced my to her own system of self defense she has been teaching girls for years in her private classes. At the beginning I was highly skeptical but soon I changed my opinion. The classes left me empowered and ready for the dangers of life. She explained us that women have a natural inhibition for physical confrontation. And part of the effective training is the right mental conditioning.  She used to say: fighting for our lives is not a pretty thing, be determined and ruthless, don’t be squeamish, do whatever it takes to free yourself even if it means to cause a serious injury to your attacker. And every, even the most petite girl can do it. No great muscles or heavy weight is necessary to out-compete a bad guy.  Just a proper squeeze of the right target and even a bodybuilder is writhing on the floor in great pain.

Many techniques I will describe here are brutal and should be used only when necessary to prevent rape not if you are just upset or as form of revenge on a cheating boyfriend.

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